Car Rush
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Car Rush Sports & Racing
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Race your way through three worlds with three challenging tracks. Avoid the obstacles and complete all the laps before the time runs out! Car Rush Racing Game will see you move through three different worlds, with three different tracks in each world and an increasing level of difficulty for each track. The further you get, the more your car driving games skills are tested. So buckle up, get set, and go in this classic racing games thrill ride.use your arrow keys to speed up, slow down, and turn the car. Up arrow to accelerate and down arrow to brake. Be careful around the turns and be sure to stay on the road. Going off the road will slow you down. Avoid hitting other cars and trucks on the road. There are several tracks and levels. They get more difficult the further you get. Enjoy this free online racing game and we wish you the best of luck on the track!
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Size: 11.50MB
Version: 1.0.0
UpdateAt: 2019-10-25